Monday, February 21, 2011


heyho! today i started my college holiday. And it feels like NO HOLIDAY. hahaha
I joined a short semester class for 2 weeks, and started from today, i work at .
well, i still in probation period for 1 month. but just wish me luck.hehe. as my duty is looking for client, so if you have a merchant that wants to be promoted, just let me know please. :)
it's free, u know. so you dont have to pay us. seriously.hihi.

well, my short semester looks a bit better. i got a nice lecture, but the bad thing is i got afternoon class. -____-
eniwei, please pray for me. i join this short semester in order to upgrade my score which, i think, is too bad. so please please please. if i dont get better score, it means it is useless for me to pay 400K IDR, and go to campus in holiday period. :(

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