Friday, July 23, 2010

kontestan nomor 1161 itu.

today, 23 June 2010.
i was sitting on the couch watching TV. today is the first episode of Indonesia's Got Talent.
i just thought 'ah geje ah.'
at the end of the show, they showed the best performance ever!
it's contestant number #1161. her name is heni.
she is blind. yes she is blind. you know what was she doing there? she was singing and playing guitar.
her voice was not as good as beyonce, and not as pretty as angelina jolie, but i can say she has a very beautiful voice. and she's playing guitar like a harp. and she was playing it very well.
with these two talents, she looks very very very awesome!
guess what? saya merinding spanjang dia nyanyi. and i feel so blessed, =)
she is with all of her weaknesses can stand out. i think i must learn not to asking-a-lot and thanking God for everything i have, and make myself stand out with all i have.
i know i can cause God made me this way. =)

4 things about yummyfordummy

1. Tommy. no! it's not my new bf.hahaha.
if you do not know who is tommy? let me explain to you.
have you see my new food-blog? click here if you want to see it. he is my imaginary figure. ceritanya dia ini perut saya dan sut. jd ceritanya ini blognya ttg pengalaman dia, apa aja yg masuk k dalamnya. gitu looo.. :D

2. Tommy the Big Hot Tummy. yeah. he is a tummy. and he is big. he is hot too.hahaha

3. my first food blog. maybe i had ever mention about my 365project-blog, but actually i haven;t started it.hehe. and it's not about food. so here is my first food blog.

4. tdnya namanya maunya yummyfortummy. tp tnyata udah pernah d pke sama org laen,so jadilah yummyfordummy. ceritanya biar ky buku2 yg something something for dummies gt.hehe

holiday season

holiday is comingg! wohooo! *toret toret*
still remember things-i-have-to-do list?
now i will make it again. please don't be bored.hihi. ;p

1. watch all the movies! yeah saya punya a lot of movie yg udah bersarang d laptop saya untuk d tonton. wohoo!

2. i name it gembal-gembul-gondal-gandul project! heh? what's that? itu nama panggilan dr sut.hyahahaha. i have an idea of making pict of him. how? it's a secret!hahaha. maybe someday i'll show you here if it already finish. :D

3. belajar jait! of course saya ga lupa. cm males aja. ;p

4. praktekin resep baru. ini nih yg rempong. kalo makan mah ga males. kalo masaknya sih.......err.....*berpikir sampe besok*

5. bkin background sama headernya yummyfordummy ! ah really can't wait. :D

6. bkin scrapbook! ini sih uda kepengen dr kapan tw. the problem is : apa yg mau d scrapbook-in??hahaha

7. hunting photo! aduh plis banget udah craving banget pengen hunting. hihi *seolah jago foto*

8. hunting makanan yg banyak biar si tommy makin kenyang.hihi

new template alert!

for you who never see my former template, poor you!haha
i know it was so cool. i love it too. but since i've used it for a long time already, so i thought it's good to change.
well, maybe this time is not as cute as before and not as colorful as before, but i promise this is just for a short time. i promise i'll make a new template.hehe.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

new food blog.

FYI, i finally publish my new blog. it is a food blog.
follow please! :D