Thursday, June 13, 2013

A happy song

Ahoy, readers! Are you still there?

Life's so busy yet happier lately. :)
Yup, happier than ever. Literally, life is never been better.

After been in a relationship for months, (have i introduce him to you? i forgot. :p) I feel fully satisfied. Yay! Yes, I've found my perfect match! Finally!

I dont know this is just a butterfly effect or somewhat. I dont care anyway. I feel good. *big grin*
Do you know how it feels like, when there's someone out there who will fight for anything just to see your smile? Someone whom you can trust and lean on, anywhere and anytime. Someone who makes you want to be a better person even he never ask you to. The one who can laugh with you in sorrow and bring sun light in darkness. Makes you feel the most precious thing in the world. Be your favorite partner in crime, and be your favorite pillow as well. :p

Yes, you're right. I'm in love! Never thought it would be this much. :)
Hopefully, this will never change.

For better or worse. *cheers*