Wednesday, April 6, 2011

quick post!

it's a quick post.
it's been more than 1 month since i mentioned that i work for disdus . i guess it's pretty good to work here. i made new friends, and homey office is really my type. :p
my probation had finished, but i still work as part timer. well, not a big deal. i still have to finish my study.hehe.
Anyway, since today, disdus is officially become a part of groupon. Groupon is the biggest group buying site in the world. Meeeen, i'm so proud. Well, it happened not because of me, but hey, i am part of it! :p
Since the system has been change, now my duty has been changed too. I'm no longer a tele marketing.wohoo! I'm a office marketing now. hahaha. Well, pretty much better for me, i guess. I do research, I do analyze, I do make plan. Wish me a goodluck then.

AH, i go to go. I have assignment to do. :(
See u asap!
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Erlia 馮婉婷 said...

Yuhuuuuu!! apakah disdus part of me juga?? ahhahaha
btw, ga akan gw pake baju itu ke kantor Re: tutu skirt

sara said...

no lah. you mah anak tetangga.huahahahahahhahaha
ayolah pake donkkkk. kan lutuuuuuu. huahhahahaha