Monday, October 25, 2010


yeah! happy 21st birthday to me!
i really didn't hope for something special on my birthday. my wish is live happily ever after, which is impossible, so in the other words, i don't have any real wish.
as i grow older, many of my perspectives changed.
i don't a perfect wedding anymore. (well,maybe it's too soon to wishing such like this but believe me, almost every girl in the world wish for it.)
i don't want a perfect wedding. i want a perfect marriage with a perfect partner, not a perfect person. :))

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

birthday wish list

birthday wish list for this year:
1. ...............
2. ..............
3. ..............

this year i don't want anything. i don't even want the birthday itself. may i skip it?

Monday, October 11, 2010


heyho! lately i'm busy watching friends. alright. call me old school, but i love watching them.;)
it's a kind of easy watching movie, funny, and TRUE.hahahaha
they just played daily routine and daily jokes, yet nancep karna what they say are true sometimes.
for example:
the one Monica says a man planned his wedding for a month and a woman planned her wedding since she was 5 years old. Damn true cuuuy!
i thought that was only me who is weird. but since i figured out that every girl did that kind of thing, then i got myself normal.AHA! ;)
and there're still many more.
so i think watching this serial movie is such a sweet escape for me. :)
hey you! have you watched?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

1. smell good
2. sexy food
3. good movie

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

1. smell bad
2. boring talk/chessy/no-humor-sense
3. show off
4. geje

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
1. mom
2. ciput (gausa geer!)
3. gembulatos
4. may i just write friends here?
5. .........

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

1. shouted at my mom.
2. be so jealousy to my boyfriend
3. didn't start any good business since high school (biar skrg uda sukses.hahaha)
4. failed in school
5. had a boyfriend just for escapement.
6. careless so i lost a lot of things. -__-

sorry long time no update, i forgot i have many things to do. ;p

Friday, September 17, 2010

future job

i watched Julie & Julia today. have you watched it? it's such a good movie. :)
after saw Julia who tried so hard so her book could be published and Julie who did cook for 365 days and 524 recipes, i'm just thinking what i'll do in the future yah?
my passion is try new thing and i don't like work under pressure. so what kind of job could fit me? ya ngga ada lah. mana ada kerjaan yg ga ada target dan deadline.
abisnya saya aneh sih. kalo lg suka sama jait2, ya bs serius banget ngejait2, kalo lg suka foto ya ikut hunting sana sini. kalo lg suka masak ya cari2 resep trs bkin. and the most important one is : saya ga jago dgn smua itu. cuma skedar suka, tp boro2 jago. cm coba2 aja. kalo sukses ya puas. abs itu udah. that's it.
omagaaaa! what's wrong with me sih?
all i love to do is such non-commercial thing. ya bukannya itu ga bagus, tp everything need money kan. mgkn skrg blm perlu2 amat, tp i believe one day i'll have to earn money by myself.
should i do the job i dislike to do?
oh plis banget jangan sampe. ngerjain yg d sukain aja bs ampe stg mati, apalagi yg ga d sukain. suicide itu namanya.
oh i know! what i love to do and never be bored of it: EATING. dang! -___-
kalo saya pakar kesehatan atau chef cantik atau sosialita yg suka makan atau pelawak yg lucu, mgkn saya bs punya acara tv yg isinya makan terus. but who am i gitu loh. hahaha.
i have no idea.
so if you have any suggestion what kind of thing i could do in my future, please feel free to let me know. i really need your suggestion. thank you. :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. what would i be in 5 years from now?
2. will i have cute or naughty children?
3. when will i be slim?
4. what should i do to have a lot of money without hard working?hahaha
5. what will my wedding day be like?
6. hey,i dont need and i dont like this subject, can i skip it?
7. why parents proud when their children doing house-keeping works?

Friday, September 10, 2010

one nice poem.

One look
One smile
One touch
One embrace
One kiss
One love
Two people
Two minds
Two souls
Two destinies
One road
One journey
One ending

- Melissa Higgins -

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

as i was absent for some days, so i made it up today. :)

Eight ways to win my heart : (omg. somebody win it already, so is this still important to do?ahahaha)
1. do everything with your heart. not your emotion or ego.
2. FOOD. of course. before win my heart, you have to win my tummy first. ;p
3. bring me great times and laughter.
4. but be there when i am down.
5. do something make me realize it's wrong if we're not together.
6. DON'T EVER bring me animal or something bloody.
7. be sweet! but keep it just for us.
8. be nice to me, my family, and my friends.

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

Nine things about yourself :
1. i love chocolate. OMG. i am so thanking you to create such a thing named choco tree. :D
2. am a night person.
3. i love to eat. that's why i have this. :D
4. i do love creative things, pretend as if i am creative.hahaha. you may see this if you want.
5. am so careless.
6. my hand drawing is such a chicken's claw (cakar ayam).
7. am often mistyping. ;p
8. i don't like animal.
9. i was good at eksata-thing when i was senior high school.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. hey, i love you.. believe me i do and i always do. have a nice trip. =)
2. hai, i am your daughter, i always trying to make you proud of me, but if i failed, please just don't let me down. i'm still your daughter, right?
3. am i not a good sister? if i am, so all you have to do is don't ever repeat the same faults like i did.
4. don't you have a mirror at home?
5. lets rocks!! let's making money.nyahahaha
6. am i a comforter so you just come to me when you need something?
7. please accept my deepest condolence. but as your friend, i tell you. there are many girls out there better for you. go ahead and get a life dude!
8. where are you? it's been ages since the last time i heard from you. do you still remember me?
9. have you ever eat these yummy foods? go and look at my blog !
10. happy lebaran guys. i love you all. :D

10 things for 10 days

hola! my holiday almost finish! =(
2 weeks more then i have to back to reality. but as it's still remaining, i want to try these things.hihi.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession.

i got this from

Friday, August 27, 2010


saya kejambretan. literally, saya kejambretan. bukan hati saya. tp tas saya.huhuhu
ceritanya pas mau k halte busway, saya d bonceng mama naek motor. pdhl tasnya uda taro d tengah,dan jarak saya ma mama jg deket, tp bisaan aja ya itu jambret. saya sempet tahan gt biar ga keambil tasnya, tp apa daya, emang jambretnya lebih berpengalaman. *yaiyalah yaa*
trs sempet kejer jambretnya jg, tp sekali lg,dia lbi berpengalaman, saya fix yakin dia lepas jaketnya, jd kita ga ngenalin dia yg mana since yg plg kita inget kan warna jaketnya.
apa yg ilang? hp saya yg pasti. itu hp KETIGA dyg ilang dalam tahun ini. semua sukses d ambil org. damn!
saya syok. syok pol2an. dan saya tw sbnrnya hal2 macam bgini mah sering banget terjadi, apalagi pas bulan ramadhan,yg notabene d sebut sbg bulan suci oleh umat Islam. no offense guys. mgkn mksdnya adalah bulan ini bulan penuh berkat untuk umat yg merayakannya, tp bukan untuk saya. skali lg,no offense yah. ini bukan salah agamanya. itu fix. ini salah umatnya. dan saya jg tw kalo ga semua umatnya bgtu. itu tergantung pribadi masing2. mgkn org melakukan tindakan smacam mencopet, menjambret, menodong, etc. itu karna kepepet. kenapa mreka mrasa kepepet? karna mereka mau lebaran. mereka mau keluarga mereka bs berlebaran. karna dalam pikiran mereka, lebaran harus pke baju baru, harus bagi2 amplop, etc etc etc. but i am pretty sure, sbnrnya dalam ajaran aslinya itu ga pernah ngajarin ky gitu deh. apalagi kalo ampe melakukan hal bodoh untuk merayakan hari raya. mgkn org2 tsb hanya salah mengerti. lebaran itu kan yg ptg silahturahmi nya, maaf2annya, kekeluargaannya. bukan apa yg dia pake, ato uang yg dia punya. kalo ga punya apa2, ya udah. sp jg yg bakal hina2 sih.

once i read semacam prosa, isinya tentang ayah. tp d sini konteksnya ayahnya itu adalah seorang pencuri. saya lupa gimana persisnya, intinya adalah biarpun tw bakal d maki2 org, resikonya jg tinggi, tp bapak ini rela nanggung dosa, biar anak istrinya bs idup enak. sbnrnya saya agk terharu bacanya. tp gimana ya, sbg korban dr bapak2 itu, saya mau kesel jg kasian.hahaha. himpitan hidup buat mreka mgkn lebih berat, dan mreka yg since kurang berpendidikan dan kalah saing sama org2 laen, akhirnya memilih jalur spt ini untuk mendapatkan uang.
kalo yg ky gitu sih mgkn masih bs d ampuni yah,tp masalahnya, byk banget jg yg nyuri spy bs dpt uang dgn cepet. itu sih ga terampuni deh. plis lah,kalo mau kaya,ya ga gt jg caranya. --'

tp akhirnya saya mulai berpikir untuk merelakan smua barang2 saya yg uda berkali2 ilang dalam taon ini. berhubung kita harus slalu mengambil hikmah dari stp hal, saya pikir, mgkn org itu lbi butuh dr pd saya. lgan kalo kt umat muslim kan ini bulan suci, kalo amal, pahalanya dobel, kalo dosa,dosanya jg dobel. ya anggp aja saya amal. *biarpun saya bukan muslim*haha.
yaudalah, doain aja smga anak istri dr para pencuri itu ga sakit perut krna makan uang haram. dan smga saya ga kehilangan benda apa2 lg. AMIN.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

happy wedding ko simon & ci ane! :D

have i told you me and my friends made a video for our friend's wedding. here it is.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

long long holiday

hi there! i am free now! wohooo. long long holiday.
what i've done since first day of my holiday??
mmm.. a lot.hahaha
yang pasti saya ada bbrp x hunting foto gt.hehe.
dan my last project is making a video.hihi.

and i am about to think, maybe it's good to have a new other blog yg isinya smua karya saya.hihi. bukannya bermaksud narsis sih. cm ya smacam online portofolio gitu. mmm.. i'll think about it. =))

Friday, July 23, 2010

kontestan nomor 1161 itu.

today, 23 June 2010.
i was sitting on the couch watching TV. today is the first episode of Indonesia's Got Talent.
i just thought 'ah geje ah.'
at the end of the show, they showed the best performance ever!
it's contestant number #1161. her name is heni.
she is blind. yes she is blind. you know what was she doing there? she was singing and playing guitar.
her voice was not as good as beyonce, and not as pretty as angelina jolie, but i can say she has a very beautiful voice. and she's playing guitar like a harp. and she was playing it very well.
with these two talents, she looks very very very awesome!
guess what? saya merinding spanjang dia nyanyi. and i feel so blessed, =)
she is with all of her weaknesses can stand out. i think i must learn not to asking-a-lot and thanking God for everything i have, and make myself stand out with all i have.
i know i can cause God made me this way. =)

4 things about yummyfordummy

1. Tommy. no! it's not my new bf.hahaha.
if you do not know who is tommy? let me explain to you.
have you see my new food-blog? click here if you want to see it. he is my imaginary figure. ceritanya dia ini perut saya dan sut. jd ceritanya ini blognya ttg pengalaman dia, apa aja yg masuk k dalamnya. gitu looo.. :D

2. Tommy the Big Hot Tummy. yeah. he is a tummy. and he is big. he is hot too.hahaha

3. my first food blog. maybe i had ever mention about my 365project-blog, but actually i haven;t started it.hehe. and it's not about food. so here is my first food blog.

4. tdnya namanya maunya yummyfortummy. tp tnyata udah pernah d pke sama org laen,so jadilah yummyfordummy. ceritanya biar ky buku2 yg something something for dummies gt.hehe

holiday season

holiday is comingg! wohooo! *toret toret*
still remember things-i-have-to-do list?
now i will make it again. please don't be bored.hihi. ;p

1. watch all the movies! yeah saya punya a lot of movie yg udah bersarang d laptop saya untuk d tonton. wohoo!

2. i name it gembal-gembul-gondal-gandul project! heh? what's that? itu nama panggilan dr sut.hyahahaha. i have an idea of making pict of him. how? it's a secret!hahaha. maybe someday i'll show you here if it already finish. :D

3. belajar jait! of course saya ga lupa. cm males aja. ;p

4. praktekin resep baru. ini nih yg rempong. kalo makan mah ga males. kalo masaknya sih.......err.....*berpikir sampe besok*

5. bkin background sama headernya yummyfordummy ! ah really can't wait. :D

6. bkin scrapbook! ini sih uda kepengen dr kapan tw. the problem is : apa yg mau d scrapbook-in??hahaha

7. hunting photo! aduh plis banget udah craving banget pengen hunting. hihi *seolah jago foto*

8. hunting makanan yg banyak biar si tommy makin kenyang.hihi

new template alert!

for you who never see my former template, poor you!haha
i know it was so cool. i love it too. but since i've used it for a long time already, so i thought it's good to change.
well, maybe this time is not as cute as before and not as colorful as before, but i promise this is just for a short time. i promise i'll make a new template.hehe.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

new food blog.

FYI, i finally publish my new blog. it is a food blog.
follow please! :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

porn video of indonesian artists

lately, in the world (esp. indonesia) , there is a booming issue of a porn video of indonesian artist.
i may no need to mention their names, u must be know them all.haha.
dan hebatnya bukan cm program infotainment yg sibuk gembar gembor, tp jg siaran berita dalam dan luar negri. kalo cm masuk berita, biasalah, namanya jg public figure. tp apa jadinya kalo akhirnya para artis itu d tangkep dan d penjara atas tuduhan pembuatan video porno?
HELL to the O. i don't blame the government or police that investigating this case, but i'm TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH WHAT THEY DO. masalahnya bgini, menurut saya, apa yg dilakukan oleh para artis itu adalah hak pribadi mereka. dgn siapapun mreka berhubungan intim,itu definitely their rights. toh mreka sama2 mau dan seneng2 aja. ga da paksaan apa2 jg. mreka bkin video cm buat konsumsi pribadi, dan ga d sebar2in kmana2. then, yg nyebarin itu jg bukan mreka. jd mreka hanyalah korban dr keisengan dan mreka twlah kalo videonya ksebar, nama baik mreka jg yg berantakan. ga mgkn mreka yg sebar2in.
dgn 2 alasan d atas, saya berpendapat mreka ga salah. meskipun apa yg mreka lakukan mgkn sbnrnya salah, tp even a broken clock is right twice a day. apa yg terjadi sama mreka uda merupakan hukuman yg cukup berat.
moreover, ada aja ormas yg kepo2an minta mreka d tangkep, d banned, bla bla bla. what's their problem siiih? *jd keki sendiri*
sungguh ya, demi apapun jg, apa yg d lakukan oleh artis2 itu sama skali ga da sangkut pautnya sama ormas itu dan sama skali ga merugikan ormas itu jg. pdhl sbnrnya, i'm pretty sure they also have that porn videos! SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING GUYS?!!!!*ga santai*
d tambah lg dgn tnyata kasusnya bener2 d usut ampe sdemikian rupa. sampe artis cowo itu d penjara. well, i'm not his fans, i even dont like him, but i really concerned about what others do to him. ga adil banget.
my point is, kalo misalnya dia emang harus d tangkep dgn tuduhan tersebut, HELL to the O, video porno byk banget kaleeee. knp cm kasus dia yg d usut?
dan knp d urusinnya cm gr2 itu ormas (yang menurut saya kepo abis) suruh tangkep? is there any justice in here?
and moreover, byk banget pihak2 yg numpang eksis. adalah seorg lawyer (yg menurut saya geje abis) yg suami artis jg, yg blg kalo org2 yg jenguk k penjara itu cm numpang eksis. lagi2 HELL to the O. penting bgt deh komennya. nih ngmg sama tangan gw aja ah lu. *sodorin tepalak tangan*
jelas2 keliatan kaleee yg numpang eksis itu yg cm sok2an nongol d infotainment dan blg org2 pg cari muka doank. pdhl sndirinya jg ga beres. ehmm.. saya jd inget bbrp taon lalu pengacara (lumayan) muda ini pernah kena gosip jg. ktnya dia punya istri laen slaen istri sahnya. dan terbukti bener lo. MAMAM TU BINI MUDA! *makin ga santai*
well, mgkn saya hanyalah org yg kepo dan ga santai liat pemberitaan d berbagai media.
tp sungguh, keliatan bgt yg cari muka dan yg ngga. kliatan yg sok suci yg mana, yg geje jg yg mana.
dan saking keselnya saya, ampe udah gatw lg hrs blg kmana, akhirnya blog ini lah yg ternodai.hahahaha.
semoga bermanfaat!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 things i hate about you.

I hate the way you talk to me,

and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car,

I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb combat boots

and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick,

it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way you're always right,

I hate it when you lie.

I hate it when you make me laugh,

even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you're not around,

and the fact that you didn't call.

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you,

not even close.

not even a little bit.

not even at all.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

so little time, so many things to do.

yeah,it's like tough days lately. a lot of assignments, a lot of thing i must do, and a lot of things i WANT to do.haha
here is the list i want to do, at least till the end of my holiday (which will be on middle July until early September). and hopefully, i can fulfill all of them.hehe.

1. belajar jait! plis benjet, uda dr jaman jebot saya kepengen ini. mmm.. i mean buakn cm jg bikin pola2nya gituuu.heheh.

2. masak! jgn ktawa weh. gini2 saya rajin ngumpulin resep. tp sayangnya nyaris ga pernah d praktekin.hahaha. semoga liburan kali ini membawa manfaat yg lebih baik. amin.

3. kelarin nonton gossipgirl season 2. ini uda ampir 1 smester lo saya nontonnya. --'

4. nonton pelem2 donlotan yg antriannya mse panjang banget buat minta d tonton.

5. baca eldest, minimal nambah 100 halaman. plis bgt,uda 1,5taon ini ga kelar2 d baca.--'

6. menyelesaikan tugas creative ad by the end of June. *aminnn*

7. belajar bkin video pke adobe premiere! ini penting sekali untuk kelangsungan hidup saya selanjutnya sbg seorang mahasiswi advertising.

8. hunting foto! OMG. ini uda kepengen dr kmrn2,tp apa daya, no time available. =(

9. k sudirman pas car free day! ini uda rencana dr taon lalu. uda janji sama uniq. tp ampe skrg blm ksampean.hahahah

10. bkin blog yg isinya makanan. i guess food is my passion.hahaha

Friday, June 4, 2010

nanny's pavillion vs jamu buyung upik

today, yes today, it's friday, and i had class today. --'
it's creative advertising class. cm kelas pengganti since itu dosen ga bs masuk hr slasa depan.hehe.
abis kelasnya kelar, saya, rei, piki, dan panda hendak mengerjakan storyboard buat advertising management. tp x ini kami mau ngerjainnya d nanny's pavillion. d citywalk sudirman situ. and plis benjettttt, it's highly recommended! =D
saya memesan blueberry cheese roll pancake. it's yummy!!!!!!!
ada melted cheese gt d dlm pancake rollnya.
trs rei pesen beef apa gt namanya. lupa. it's pretty yummy se. ada beef meatballsnya gitu. dan ada cheese jg d atasnya.
piki pesen chicken baked rice which is yummy juga!
si panda, berhubung lg sakit gigi, ga bs makan apa2 dia. ksian.hahaha
abis makan, kami kan mau ngerjain tugas tu. mulailah kami berpikir. *krik krik krik*
mau tw apa tuags kami?
bkin storyboard buat TVC sebuah produk jamu anak2. it's jamu buyung upik. -tanpa bermaksud mempromosikannya -
ceritanya kami mau bkin iklannya yg cakep gt. yg kreatip dan ga standard.
tp berhubung otak kami emang agk ngekngok,yg ada, ide yg kuar malah menggelikan dan bkin pengen koprol keliling lapangan banteng.hahahaha.
kami butuh cemilan! itu keperluan primer buat orang2 macam kami.
"mbak, minta menu yaa."
*ubek2 menu*
"ah yg ini kynya enak!"
"mmm... boleh juga tuh!"
"yauda pesen ajaa"
"mbak, mau pesen yg ini yaa."

5 menit kemudian....
here is heavy alvin's potato, which is SO DAMN YUMMY! sungguh enaknya tingkat dewa!
you must try this.

abis itu tetep se,ide kami ga kalah menggelikannya dr yg sblm2nya. tp at least, kami sangat terhibur dgn makanan ini!hahahaha.
abis itu krna makin rame, dan kami ga enak dr td ngerusuh d situ, okelah kita pindah tempat :!
stlh ngidam untuk skian lama,finally i ate glazy doughnut.hehe. and i found this is so sweet.

waisak long weekend

since i'd promised to post my last weekend-trip, so here it is. enjoy! =)

Thursday night, 27 May 2010.
as my mom didn't allow me to stay overnight at take's house, so i stayed overnight at odrod's house. i came at about 9 o'clock then we spent the rest of the night for talking and sharing (read : curhat) and took some rest.

Friday, 28 May 2010.
we woke up at about 3.15 am. and the boys said they were on their way to pick us up. we're such shocked. finally, i didn't take a shower that morning.hahahaha.
4 am - we're already on our way to Bandung. yippie! there were, me, sut, odrod, take, ko owen, and ruben.
6.30 am - we were get there. wohoo! since we couldn't find anything else open at this morning, we went to mie sumpit. it's open 24 hours though. it's located in dago plaza.hehe. i ordered sweet yamin, but it was only one available at that time, so i and gembul ordered bubur jalaprang.
but the other ordered 1 noodle and kwetiaw. they're look pretty yummy at all.

after finished our breakfast, we went to mie rica. yes it's MIE rica. don't be that shock lah.hahaha. mie rica was very very hot. literally. me and sut ate together (but i just ate a bit, then saya biarkan dia menghabiskan smuanya. saya ga kuat. pedes pol.)hahaha. and ko owen ordered mie casao. it's like casiu noodle.

where we were going then? Jl. riau.hahaha
ko owen really needed to go to toilet, but nothing else open at that time except 2 factory outlets there. so there we're going. while waiting for him,we were just looking around and took pictures of course!hahaha.
then when the SECRET - a factory outlet which also sells food like sausage and es potong- opened already, we just went straight into it and bought some sausage and es potong. the ambiance is so garden.
wait! where is my gembulatos? he was taking picture of us, so there was no him in this picture. i'm so sorry dear.hahaha.
we spent about 1 hour here. ruben took the record of eating more than 5 es potong in half hour!ahahahaha.
kemudian kami beranjak k Roemah Keboen. the place is quiet homey. makanannya byk lah. dr indonesian food sama yg pasta2 gt juga ada.
somebody ordered this zupa2.
and somebody ordered this food. (errr.. i forgot the name.hehe)
dan sebagai tanda cinta saya pada indonesia, inilah yg saya makan saat itu:

dan gembul ate this goulash.
odrod's fams juga dateng nyamper gituuu. jdlah kami makan bersama.hhi

sbnrnya masih byk makanan laennya,tp saya ga foto.hehehe.
trs abis itu,tebaklah saudara2,kmanakah roda ban mobil kami berputar? ke es oyen jawabannya! iya,kami makan lagi. jago kan?hahaha.
it costs 8 thousands rupiahs.
abis itu dgn niat baik,kami pun check in hotel. mmm.. bukan hotel jg se, smacam rumah yg kamarnya d sewain gt. it's located in pasteur. namanya orange homes. ah tp saya lupa foto tempatnya. maap ya.hehe. but it's quiet clean koq.

5pm - we went paskal hypersquare. as usual, i ate lumpia basah,but i also forgot to take picture of it.=p
then we went to gardujati. mau beli bakpau fafa, but so bad, yg isi babi kecap udah abis,pdhl itu enaknya heaven benjetttt!hahaha.
dan tentu saja tidak lupa,kami beli bola2 ubi.hihi.
7pm already. dinner time! -well,sbnrnya ga bs d blg dinner jg since kita emang sharian makan terus,jd ga jelas yg mana yg breakfast,lunch, dan dinner.-
semua mau makan nasi campur. kaki lima gt. nampak enak se, tp saya rasanya ga kepengen makan itu. odrod pesen nasi goreng ikan asin. saya jg ga pengen makan itu. so i ordered ronde warna-warni.hehe. it costs 12thousands rupiahs. and kalo ga salah, nasi campurnya costs 30thousands rupiahs.
this is my ronde warna-warni. so cute, isn't it? err. no,it's not that cute sih.hahaha
abis itu kami pun beranjak. makan apa lagi? kami k the valley.hehehe. tenangg. saya ga byk makan koq. cm makan cheese cake. -mmm.. cuman??- bahahaha.
si gembul pesen goulash lg! saya ga paham ini anak doyan bener ya sama goulash.hahaha.
after spending almost the whole day for eating,eating, and eating, we went back to hotel.
apa yg kami kerjakan kemudian? tidur? tentu tidak. maen monopoli deal.hahaha
seru lo. hihi. tp saking serunya,ampe lupa d foto. yaudalah ya.hehe.
1.30 am - we went to sleep.

Saturday, 29 May 2010.
after had breakfast -lumpianya enak pol,tp sayangnya cm d kasih 1 doank.-
we were ready to food-hunting again!hahaha. we went to mie bakso akung.
i ordered yamin manis with bakso pangsit. pretty yummy! =9

ok,we should be hurry. since ko owen mau kondangan malemnya, jd kita udah harus brgkat gt siang2. tp tentu saja tidak lupa kami k prima rasa dulu.hehehe
dan stlh berbelanja,bginilah kondisi bagasi kami.

and taraaaa! we're ready to back to jakarta!
oiyah,i guess i never show you my boyfie ya!hahaha. here is him.
say hi to sut!hahahah

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


HI! Bonjour! =D
after long time no see, here i come again with some stories to share. hihi
mmm.. actually to many things has passed, so i forgot it already. =p
well, yesterday i went to BUNDERAN HI (believe me, it's very popular as jakarta's trademark besides monas. i knew it because many tourists take photo here) with my ADV12-1B class. we had photography class there at 5.30 pm - about 7 pm. actually i came late (as usual), so i got there at 6pm.hehe
not much that we got, coz it was rainy. but for sure we took a lot of photo of ourselves.hahahaha
here is a photo of me and piki (my classmate) there before we went home.

after that, you must be know lah what i did. i went to Plaza Indonesia to had dinner.hahaha. sut waited for me there ( oh how sweet he is =) ).
what we ate? here is.
we ate at Pizza Boutique. this is BBQ pizza which is so yummy.hihi. i forget how much does it costs, about 50-60 thousands rupiahs excluded tax i guess.
and this one is MUDHONEY which is very very super duper yummy! i like this very muccccchhh!hihi. it costs about 35 thousands rupiahs for small pan excluded tax.
i think the price is reasonable. and the taste is pretty good. so sut and me committed that we must come again.hahaha
you also have to try this lah! =D

btw, have you known, i have new account! it's foursquare. click here to see my foursquare. dont forget to add me!haha. i am hunting for the badges actually!hihi

i have a lot of assignments this week (this semester actually), but this weekend i'll go to bandung with my friends and my boyfriend. wohoo! i'll make sure to show you what happen there as soon as i get my mood to write.hahaha

lately i watch a lot of film. today i watch Kites. it's Indian movie. this is the first Indian movie that i watch in cinema.hahaha. but the film is quiet great i think. =)