Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 things men should know and do.

heyho fellas!
long time no see. :)
a lot of craps happen lately. as i am in a rest week before final test now, i spent my 2 last 2 days to think and think and think. WHY?
well, i got a super big disappointment. and i'm still like why-did-u-do-this-to-me.
i still don't get it.
i am not the best person in the world, but at least i know what's wrong and what's right. and i know the standard of being good, so i am trying to achieve it.
well, i am not about curcol.-ing. so i just want u GUYS to know about some things u SHOULD know about women.

1. Grow up, dude. women HATE boys. women LOVE a man. so be a man! act like a man.

2. Fight for her. U shouldn't let her fight for herself in front of people,and makes u look like a dumbass by only watching beside her.

3. Make ur plan, buddy! if u want to take her to the next level of relationship, u don't prepare to take her to undetermined target, do you? Women love assured future live. at least make it looks u have a good future, and at least U TRY and WORK HARD to get a good future.

4. Your richness is NOTHING. Your work hard is GREAT THING. so work harder and show us you deserve us.

5. Comforting ur woman is ur job. u don't want anybody else do it for her, do you? if u cannot, at least TRY it. if you fail, TRY EVEN HARDER until u get it. that's ur job, buddy. If u can't find a way, means can't handle her. forever.