Wednesday, May 26, 2010


HI! Bonjour! =D
after long time no see, here i come again with some stories to share. hihi
mmm.. actually to many things has passed, so i forgot it already. =p
well, yesterday i went to BUNDERAN HI (believe me, it's very popular as jakarta's trademark besides monas. i knew it because many tourists take photo here) with my ADV12-1B class. we had photography class there at 5.30 pm - about 7 pm. actually i came late (as usual), so i got there at 6pm.hehe
not much that we got, coz it was rainy. but for sure we took a lot of photo of ourselves.hahahaha
here is a photo of me and piki (my classmate) there before we went home.

after that, you must be know lah what i did. i went to Plaza Indonesia to had dinner.hahaha. sut waited for me there ( oh how sweet he is =) ).
what we ate? here is.
we ate at Pizza Boutique. this is BBQ pizza which is so yummy.hihi. i forget how much does it costs, about 50-60 thousands rupiahs excluded tax i guess.
and this one is MUDHONEY which is very very super duper yummy! i like this very muccccchhh!hihi. it costs about 35 thousands rupiahs for small pan excluded tax.
i think the price is reasonable. and the taste is pretty good. so sut and me committed that we must come again.hahaha
you also have to try this lah! =D

btw, have you known, i have new account! it's foursquare. click here to see my foursquare. dont forget to add me!haha. i am hunting for the badges actually!hihi

i have a lot of assignments this week (this semester actually), but this weekend i'll go to bandung with my friends and my boyfriend. wohoo! i'll make sure to show you what happen there as soon as i get my mood to write.hahaha

lately i watch a lot of film. today i watch Kites. it's Indian movie. this is the first Indian movie that i watch in cinema.hahaha. but the film is quiet great i think. =)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

after all the preparation, finally today we held odrod's surprise birthday party at bakmi Gm mangdu square.hehe
so bad, because some things, she knew our plan already. =(
means no more surprise. but there're so much fun anyway. =)