Thursday, April 2, 2015


Been longing to write a post but got no time and too busy enjoying life. :p
There's a thought that bring me urge to be back here. I'm getting married in (more or less) two months. Trying to be chill, but I can't. I just can't. lol
Wedding (not marriage, those are two very different things) is a ceremonial symbol of the union of two families. Two families consists of many many may heads, which turn out to be many many many thoughts and requests. Sometimes I get upset, pissed, or defenseless. But I also excited to begin the new chapter of my life our lives. :))

In time like this, I'd like to take myself back, thinking about things I love, remind myself to thank God that I met a man of my life, who's willing to fight just to see my smile (awwww... how sweet is that. And he's literally doing it. I know how lucky I am!). Nothing else more important than this. 


We literally do. I knew he's the one from the first sight. No, I'm kidding. I never knew that he will be this important to me. He was the most nerdy guy in the office, I was a part timer marketing. Long story short, we ended up to work in the same room. But I was still with another guy, and he was still with another girl. 

I fell for his kindness and humility. Never met a guy like this before. He is so unselfish and seems enjoy what he's doing. In one rainy day, I was sick, and he took me home. That's when the chat began. After that day, he took me and my friends to go home once in a while. I sent a thank you message later on, just to showed some manner. He replied. 

Then we talked about many things during the way home. I knew I was hooked. He's a totally an unbelievably good listener. I thought he was perfect. Too perfect to be true. 

He asked where he could find a health sandals for his mom. I told him, he seemed confuse. So I offered to accompanied him. Then we watched MIB 2. He spent the whole movie by making sure whether or not I'm comfortable and trying keep me warm because the theater was too cold.  We never found the sandals by the way, until our first anniversary passed. lol

Didn't blow out the fire at all.  It means he is real human. Which is a good fact because nobody's perfect. And it turned even better, we learned to team up.  I feel like we really meant together.

He supports me about work, life, and everything. He never pushed me to do something I don't like. He convinced me to pursue my dreams. Forgive my mistakes and give me another chance. Never bring up my mistakes when he's angry, always study me, and strengthen me. Brings the light in my darkest night, and a shelter in the storm. Never spoiled me with high rated promises, but willing to do anything to keep me safe and happy. Working hard so we can build our future brightly, and help me with anything he could. Deal with my mood and trying his best to make my day. Accept me for who I am, and still find me adorable. And after all the things he did, it made my wanted to be a better person. Not because he wanted me to, but because I felt he deserved a better me. 

He is the one I wanted to end up with. He is the one I want to share my life with. He is the one I want to grow old with. And he is the one I want whom my kids call as "dad". 

In the end, a wedding is just a wedding. That only lasts one day. The most important point is the one you marry and the life after the wedding. Sooner or later it all will past. But dear, please still love me when I turn into a bridezilla. 

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